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Below are some of our featured events. For a full listing of our rides, functions and events please visit the Calendar tab.

40th Annual Fall-N-Leaf Bicycle Tour
October 14, 2018 ~ Bellville, Ohio

For a Fall-N-Leaf Registration Form Click Here

Early Registration Payment Option is closed. Please register the morning of the ride.

The routes are located on the country roads just south of Mansfield, Ohio. The terrain varies from flat to very hilly. We have a large population of Mennonite families in the area so there is very little automobile traffic on these roads and the farms are very scenic.

This year we have four routes to accommodate most road bikers: 36, 50, 65 and 83 miles. 

36-mile Route: Does not have any steep hills or hills with an extended climb. It has a total ascent of about 1400 feet. This is a great route for hybrid bikes or riders that are not accustomed to riding long distances. It uses about three miles of the Richland B&O bike trail. 

50-mile Route: A 14-mile extension of the 36-mile route. It has about an additional 900 feet of ascent for a total of 2300 feet. This is a great option if you decide your fun bucket isn’t quite full when you are at the lunch stop.

65-mile Route: For experienced riders that have a good relationship with their small chain ring. The first 30 miles are intentionally hilly. We are also offering a big hill option that will further ramp this up if you feel the need. This route has several steep hills as well as a few extended climbs. The route has a total ascent of about 3700 feet. The first 30 miles are in the very hilly as well as scenic Snow Trails and Malabar area. After a lunch stop in in Bellville, you will basically follow the less aggressive 36-mile route.

83-mile Route: For experience riders. This route has a total ascent of about 4600 feet. It is basically the 65-mile route except you will follow the less aggressive 50-mile route after the lunch stop. We do ask that if you are planning on doing the 83-mile route, that you start your ride by 8 am. 

We will provide road markings, maps, rest stops, a warm lunch and SAG support. We will also have a clothes shuttle, so if it is cool in the morning you can layer up to stay warm and then then as it warms up just leave your unneeded clothes at a rest area and we will bring it back to the registration area. 

Where & When
The start location is at the Comfort Inn, 855 Comfort Inn Plaza, Bellville, OH 44813. Parking is next door at the Der Dutchman. This is located at the Route 97 exit on Interstate 71 just south of Mansfield. The ride is Sunday, October 14, 2018.

GPS Information
The routes will be available on “Ride With GPS” if you signup online or we receive your mailed in registration before October 10th. The links will be emailed to you no later than the Thursday before the ride.

Tour Of the Scioto River Valley
May 20 - 21, 2017

There are many rides, but only one is America’s bicycle touring classic; TOSRV. The Tour of the Scioto River Valley began as a father-and-son outing in 1962 and quickly grew into the nation’s largest bicycle touring weekend. TOSRV single-handedly raised the profile of the bicycle tour in American life and has been the inspiration for many of the other mass-participation cycling events across the country today. Many TOSRV riders have ridden the Tour for more than a decade and have ranged in age from two to 94. For more information Click Here.

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA)
June 17 - 24, 2017 ~ North Central Ohio

Join in with 2,999 other bicyclists who turn their handlebars toward Adventure. The 2017 GOBA tour North Central Ohio will be filled with interesting people, food, and fun! To register and more information Click Here.

Get Out And Ride!

Ohio bicyclists have a splendid array of organized events to enjoy every year. The Ohio Bicycle Federation is pleased to help get the word out and encourage cyclists of every interest and every skill level to get out and ride! Here are some hints on how to get the most out of this Calendar and make your 2016 riding season great: Get current details —don’t just show up at last year’s place and time— organizers’ plans can and do change, or there may be an error in our listing! Look ahead: some events have entry deadlines weeks in advance of ride dates. For more information and to view the events calendar Click Here.